YES, We Really Do Have Eight!

I love babies. When my babies hit their first birthday, I long once again for that tiny helpless little person that smells like baby powder and doesn't squirm away when you're staring at his beautiful little face. Now don't get me wrong. I love the other stages too. I laugh out loud when I hear the jibber jabber of his first words (Jackson). I giggle when I see one dance hysterically when she hears a Justin Bieber song (Bekkah). I beam with pride when she puts gospel principals into action as she prepares for her upcomming baptism (Emily). I am amazed over and over as he accepts and conquers challenges far beyond his years (Ammon). I burst with pride as I watch his determination and drive in all that he sets his mind to (Zane). I melt when I see the empathy, and concern she has for others (Mckenzie). I have to catch my breath when I see him snuggle with his baby brother (Zachary). I am amazed as I read his letters from his mission (Tres). I guess I just love it all. And this is why I have, despite my horrible pregnancies, we have eight beautiful, talented, amazing, wonderful children!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas

The year is nearly over, and what a year it’s been!

On January 24th, Tres got his mission call to serve in the Church and Family History Mission in Salt Lake City. He was to report on February 5th.

Twelve days after the call, Elder Huston, Mom, Dad and a very sick baby Jackson all flew to Salt Lake to drop him off.

February 17th Mom and Dad celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.

March came and Jackson’s health continued to worsen. Testing from oncologists, rheumatologists, and immunologists have only revealed more questions than answers.

In April, Zachary performed in the Red Mountain production of Beauty and the Beast as the baker.

May came only to find sweet Emily in the hospital with a MRSA Staph infection that had to be surgically removed. The day after she returned from the hospital Zane and Mom burned the kitchen down. We left our home in the hands of a restoration crew and moved to another home. Two weeks later Zach graduated from high school with honors, Zane was promoted to the 7th grade with a handful of awards, and Emily graduated from kindergarten. Mckenzie was awarded the highest Mathematics and Choir awards for 8th grade and was elected 9th grade class president.

June came and the summer started out with girls camp and for Mckenzie followed by a trip to Utah for a family reunion where the whole family got the flu and spent 7 hours together throwing up in the car. Mom sported a fancy walking cast when she finally had her ankle x-rayed and found that she broke it in two places when she fell off the top of the Excursion. Jack’s health began to improve and we were thrilled when doctors ruled out Leukemia and Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

July rolled around and Dad, Zach, and Zane had a wonderful time on Catalina Island for scout camp. Mom and the rest of the kids drove up for a surprise trip to see Grammy in Utah. Meanwhile back in Mesa the very large shade tree in the back yard broke in half and fell out over the wall and into the street blocking traffic. Thanks to our ward family it was nearly all hauled away by the time we arrived home.

August came and we moved back home two days before school started. Zachary started college at MCC and was hired on at an alarm sales company.

September was Bekkah’s cardiology check up. Doctors say the structure of her heart has worsened, but miraculously it is still functioning, which was a great relief to all. We ended the month with Ammon receiveing his Wolf badge.

October came and life seemed to be calming down a little. We spent a much needed break at Sea World and the beach and had a wonderful time together. A few days after break Mcenzie got a Staph infection, but thankfully was able to avoid surgery as we caught it early.

November brought birthday parties and family gatherings.

Here we are in December. Zachary is preparing to turn in his mission papers, and we are all excited to talk to Tres on Christmas (especially mom). We are all healthy and are gearing up to have a very UNEVENTFUL 2011!

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