YES, We Really Do Have Eight!

I love babies. When my babies hit their first birthday, I long once again for that tiny helpless little person that smells like baby powder and doesn't squirm away when you're staring at his beautiful little face. Now don't get me wrong. I love the other stages too. I laugh out loud when I hear the jibber jabber of his first words (Jackson). I giggle when I see one dance hysterically when she hears a Justin Bieber song (Bekkah). I beam with pride when she puts gospel principals into action as she prepares for her upcomming baptism (Emily). I am amazed over and over as he accepts and conquers challenges far beyond his years (Ammon). I burst with pride as I watch his determination and drive in all that he sets his mind to (Zane). I melt when I see the empathy, and concern she has for others (Mckenzie). I have to catch my breath when I see him snuggle with his baby brother (Zachary). I am amazed as I read his letters from his mission (Tres). I guess I just love it all. And this is why I have, despite my horrible pregnancies, we have eight beautiful, talented, amazing, wonderful children!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ladybugs...or Gentlemanbugs?

Have you been to the green belt lately? Our kids are having a great time there! The draw you might ask...lady bugs... tons of them. Yesterday I witnessed a humorous example of observation among the under 10 crowd. Ammon, Trevan, Ryan, Garon, Jacob, Christian, Charise, Kyle, and Bradley were keeping busy by seeing how many ladybugs they could catch and put in a butterfly net. Ryan called out, "Hey look at these two, they're 'dating'!" All the kids gathered around to spy on these two unsuspecting ladybugs. Then Trevan, in his 6 year old wisdom, corrected his big brother, "They're not 'dating', they're 'mating'!" The rest of the afternoon these 9 bug enthusiasts changed their game to how many 'mating' ladybugs they could catch.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Jackson hasn't been gaining weight like he should so Dan bought a scale that showed ounces at Wal-mart to track him better at home. We couldn't figure out how to get his whole body on the little scale. Dan suggested a salad bowl. Here's a pic of our little Jack-in-the-Bowl!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jackson's Blessing Day

It is not our usual practice to bless our babies when they are only 13 days old. Jackson was our exception. My mother and her husband are retiring and moving to Utah at the end of the month and we wanted them to be able to be there. I have such mixed emotions about this special day. Of course, I'm so happy to have this little guy. I loved hearing the beautiful words spoken by his Daddy, of the things Heavenly Father has in store for him. I know he was sent to us for some special reason--I know they all were. But I also felt an overwhelming saddness that this was our last baby blessing. From a medical standpoint I know how dangerous and irresponsible it would be to have another. I would never want my children to grow up without a mother. But my heart breaks knowing I will never hold another wiggly newborn in my arms and call him mine. Maybe I'm just selfish. I do have eight children. More than my three sisters-in-law who have been trying for years. But the joy I feel knowing I am entrusted with these sweet little spirits makes me feel so amazingly wonderful. I love holding them. I love playing Barbies or reading books with them. I love helping them with thier problems. I love teaching them to bake bread or plant flowers. And they just grow up so fast. I try to console myself by saying it wont be long before grandkids. Or, just focus on the ones you already have, there's plenty of room for improvement. But it doesn't seem to help. For now I'll hold this new little one lots. I'll let my housework go and cuddle my babies, and pray they will stay small for a little bit longer.

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