YES, We Really Do Have Eight!

I love babies. When my babies hit their first birthday, I long once again for that tiny helpless little person that smells like baby powder and doesn't squirm away when you're staring at his beautiful little face. Now don't get me wrong. I love the other stages too. I laugh out loud when I hear the jibber jabber of his first words (Jackson). I giggle when I see one dance hysterically when she hears a Justin Bieber song (Bekkah). I beam with pride when she puts gospel principals into action as she prepares for her upcomming baptism (Emily). I am amazed over and over as he accepts and conquers challenges far beyond his years (Ammon). I burst with pride as I watch his determination and drive in all that he sets his mind to (Zane). I melt when I see the empathy, and concern she has for others (Mckenzie). I have to catch my breath when I see him snuggle with his baby brother (Zachary). I am amazed as I read his letters from his mission (Tres). I guess I just love it all. And this is why I have, despite my horrible pregnancies, we have eight beautiful, talented, amazing, wonderful children!

Monday, July 20, 2009

What if the Book of Mormon was written by Dr. Seuss

Nephi: Of goodly parents I was born
I've never drunk,
I've never sworn
This is Lehi,
he's my dad
Laman, Lemuel,
they are bad
And who is this?
Why this is Sam
Yes, this is Sam;
Sam: Sam I am
Laman: That Sam I am,
that Sam I am
I do not like that Sam I am
Sam: In a tent, my father dwelt
Laman: And it's so hot, I think I'll melt
Lemuel: Our father's brain is out of whack
Laman: Yeah, it's too hot, I'm going back
Lehi: Then go and get the plates my dear
Laman: On second thought, I'm staying here
Nephi: You said you'd leave and go away
Now all you want to do is stay?
Lemuel: That Nephi always gets his way
Laman: Here we are in this damp cave
Sam: We would not be here if you'd behave
Nephi: I will go and I will do
There's the angel, that's my cue
Laban's had too much to drink
Now he'll lose his head, I think
Nephi: Look what I found, a brother from the quorum
Sam: We will take him home, we will call him Zoram
Lemuel: Oh great, another pathetic life form
Laman: Our gold and silver we have spent
I do not like it in this tent
Lemuel: I cannot read the Liahona
I must have drunk too much Corona
Laman: We hate it here, we have no lives
Lehi: Then go back to the city and get some wives
Lehi: A tree, a tree, I see a tree
The fruit is white, the fruit is free
A floating building, could it be?
Why do they laugh and stare at me?
Laman, Lemuel, come and see
Laman: We will not eat your precious fruit
Lemuel: We will not wear a tie and suit
Laman: We will not help you build your boat
Lemuel: We do not think that it will float
Laman: No not this boat, it will not float
Not even in a shallow moat
I do not care what Nephi wrote
Lemuel: We will not eat your fruit I say
Laman: We will not eat it on a tray
Lemuel: And we won't eat it in a tent
Not even if your clothes you rent
Laman: We'd rather have a can of spam
L & L: We will not eat it, Sam I am
Sam: You do not like it, so you say
Try it, try it, and you may
Try it and you may I say
Laman: Sam, if you will let us be,
We will try it, you will see
L&L: Say, we like this fruit of life
Sorry that we caused such strife
You've saved us from an awful jam
Thank you, thank you, Sam I am

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What would you do for a free meal?

Chick-fil-a offered free meals to anyone who dressed up like a cow last Friday and came into their restaurant. The little ones were all for it. We found old t-shirts and sharpie markers and went to town making cow costumes. Dad and the big kids weren't quite so eager, but "fast food" prevailed and we mosied our herd on over. We had a great time, some yummy food, and best of all it IT WAS FREE!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I had a great opportunity to sit in on mutual tonight with the beehive class. The activity was a career day. The girls were to dress up and tell about a career they want to have when they grow up. The girls picked things like interior decorator, pastry chef, writer, teacher, lawyer and even a pilot. All of the girls said they wanted to be moms too. I loved listening to them tell how they would juggle being a mom and having a career. One of the girls said she would have her husband watch them while she was out of town, then he would work when she got back-oh and she wanted eight kids! Lots of girls picked careers that they could do while they stayed home with their children, like writer or artist. They would just work when the kids were asleep! I nearly laughed out loud. I remember when I was younger have aspirations of being something wonderful like a designer, or a CSI. I wanted to be famous, to wow people with my expertise. I wanted to be somebody. Now I look around at my disheveled house, dishes in the sink and laundry on the couch, and I haven't a single regret. My eight amazing children are all I need to make me feel successful. There's not much recognition and no fan fare, but boy do i love my job!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Eagle Court of Honor

They did it! Tres and Zach are officially Eagle Scouts. Sunday night was their court of honor. Mckenzie planned the whole event for one of her value projects. Uncle Doug was the master of ceremonies, and Uncle Mike spoke on the significance of the Eagle. (Thanks guys!) Bishop Walker did a wonderful job giving the Eagle Charge, and Brother Smith gave them Mormon Batallion neckerchief slides. Brother Spier awarded their eagles and it was awesome. Zach chose his dad for his mentor and Tres chose Brother Spier. Mckenzie made the beautiful flag cake and Dawn Thurlow provided the decorations and the drive to get it all done (Thanks a million!) I'm so proud of my boys, and so glad it's over! Two down, three to go!

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