YES, We Really Do Have Eight!

I love babies. When my babies hit their first birthday, I long once again for that tiny helpless little person that smells like baby powder and doesn't squirm away when you're staring at his beautiful little face. Now don't get me wrong. I love the other stages too. I laugh out loud when I hear the jibber jabber of his first words (Jackson). I giggle when I see one dance hysterically when she hears a Justin Bieber song (Bekkah). I beam with pride when she puts gospel principals into action as she prepares for her upcomming baptism (Emily). I am amazed over and over as he accepts and conquers challenges far beyond his years (Ammon). I burst with pride as I watch his determination and drive in all that he sets his mind to (Zane). I melt when I see the empathy, and concern she has for others (Mckenzie). I have to catch my breath when I see him snuggle with his baby brother (Zachary). I am amazed as I read his letters from his mission (Tres). I guess I just love it all. And this is why I have, despite my horrible pregnancies, we have eight beautiful, talented, amazing, wonderful children!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The kids call him "Glow Worm"

Our little Jackson has jaundice. When some of my older children had jaundice we had to hang out in the hospital. And you all know how much I hate hospitals! Now they send home health out with a Belliblanket. You just hook up the light and lay the baby on it. I LOVE technology!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do you know your child carseat laws?

The City of Mesa Justice Court gave me the exciting opportunity to attend the C.A.P.P. (Children Are Priceless Passengers) program which is a child safety class on how to buckle your children in the car properly. I was pulled over because an officer saw my 4 year old leaning forward in her seat. (her sister was pulling her hair) Did you know that the law is now 5 years old...period. (Emily turned 5 on Saturday!) No weight guidelines at all. There is a weight and height recommendation, but it's not a law. Here are some things I learned:
Did you know that children under the age of 5 not in a carseat is a primary offense, meaning you can get pulled over for it, even if you are doing nothing else wrong? Seatbelt offenses for older children and adults are secondary offenses and you can't be pulled over just becasue he sees you're not wearing it.
Did you know that you're teenage children 16 and older will be issued their own ticket if they are not wearing thier seatbelt and it will go against thier record.
Did you know that it is not against the law to have a carseat in the front even with an airbag, unless it is rearfacing.
Did you know that your 20 pound child, going 30 miles an hour will be propelled through your front windshield with 600 pounds of force (weight X speed = force) if not buckled in?
Did you know that your child is only big enough for an adult seatbelt if her legs can bend over the seat when her behind is all the way up against the back of the seat? (not a law)
Did you know that the carrying handle on your infant carseat must be locked in the down position in order to work properly in a crash?

This was actually a very informative class, and if I hadn't been in labor I think I would have gotten even more out of it. (Class was on Sunday evening and Jackson was born early Monday morning) If you are interested in taking the C.A.P.P. class let me know and I will get you the information. The class cost $25 but you get a free carseat out of it.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jackson Corby Huston has arrived

After a very long 8 months full of nausea,vomiting, IV lines, infections, medications, and way too many days in the hospital, number eight is finally here. He was born early Monday morning (did I look like I was in labor at church on Sunday?) Good news though-I made it through traffic school Sunday night! He came into the world 3 weeks early and face up--ouch. By the time I got to the hospital I was 8 cm and fully effaced. They quickly got an epidural started but didn't put me on a pump because they thought I'd have him so quickly. When they discovered he was face up and stuck it was too late, the epidural was gone and the vacuum came out--double ouch. The NICU team was there and took him as soon as he was delivered. He has a heart murmur and a septal aneurysm, but no arrhythmia's. His cardiologists is hoping all will heal on their own. He was discharged from NICU late Tuesday night and we both got to come home Wednesday morning. Thank you to all who fed my family and watched my little ones! I have the greatest ward in the world!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I love my sweetheart!

Now that I'm at the end of my pregnancy, I'm finally eating a little bit. My latest and greatest craving is Jack in the Box egg rolls. Any other time I wouldn't touch the stuff, but right now I can't seem to get enough of them! I even dream about them-crazy huh?! I was throwing up all day Monday so I didn't have much of an appetite come dinner time. But by the time FHE was over and the kids were all down, I was sitting on the couch folding laundry and there on the TV was the Jack in the Box commercial. I made a comment like "Boy that looks good." My hubby must have overheard me, because a few minutes later I heard his truck start up! He snuck out because he knew I'd object. It was pouring down rain, and the closest Jack in the Box is several miles away. Twenty minutes later my sweet, soaking wet husband walked in with my favorite treat. And I even kept them down! I am grateful for my husband. He treats me like a princess. I pray that my children will find spouses who care as much as he does.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I love my sweet little Ammon, but boy does he make me crazy! His mind goes a million times a minute, and I just can't seem to keep up. I thought it was just me, until I got a call from his teacher. She has the same problem. How do you keep this seven year old busy and content. His psychologist (he has Asperger's Syndrome- a form of Autism) says we need to give him his space and the tools he needs and just let him go. Easy for her to say. He has painted a good part of the rocks in the backyard. Now he wants to build stuff, then paint them. Oh, and he like spray paint the best. He has sewn a pillow and a blanket by hand, but now he wants to use the sewing machine. He used to be content with a hammer, some nails and old pieces of wood. Now he has taken apart all the old bikes in the backyard and is trying to make a go kart! The problem is, his body can't seem to do what his mind wants him to. He doesn't have a lot of coordination, and is definitely not very strong. So when he can't get something, he just falls apart. Sometimes I can help him, but sometimes I just don't know how. Yesterday he asked me how to build a plasma cutter. I don't even know what a plasma cutter is! Today he asked if I knew how to diffuse a bomb! I have come to the realization that I am not smart enough to be his mom. Thank goodness for the Internet. He can navigate the web way better than me and he can usually find some answers there. I'm thankful for filters, though, who know what he could come across! If you see a couple of guys in dark suits and sun glasses at my door step, you'll know he googled "how to build a bomb."

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